Sports Prints and Products

Frequently asked questions:

Why are sports prints more expensive than regular gallery prints?

Sports prints and products are priced a little higher than gallery prints because the cost to do the sports session is factored in. A regular one hour session fee is $150 plus the price of prints. A sports session fee is $0.

Why are the prices online different than the order form I received from the school/event?

The order form prices include tax in the pricing totals. Online pricing does not include tax or shipping cost. If you order online, the images will be shipped directly to you, but you will pay the shipping fee and tax is added at checkout. If you order via paper form, I place one large order; the order is shipped to me; I package the images; I return images to your school/coach/you.

What if my image does not fit correctly in the size print I want?

When you place your order online, before it goes to print the order comes to me. I will resize the image from the original file, making sure it fits correctly into the ordered size. Additional editing will also be done, if needed.

How do I view my sports/event images online?

On the home page of the website, click on client access. Your gallery ID is your school initials/sport or event name/year (Example: AHSFootball2015; AMSBasketball2015). Images are available for viewing one week after photo shoot.

mini wallets (8) $4

die cut wallets (4) $8

3x5 $3.50

4x5 $4

4x6 $4.50

5x7 $5

8x10 $10

11x14 $20

Buttons $8

Magnets $8

Tickets $15

Trader cards $15

Memory Mates $15

Phone Cases $40